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Google removes 25 malware apps - ShreeRaj Technologies
Google removes 25 malware apps from its Play Store, make sure this are not in your phone by Admin

Google has reportedly removed 25 apps from its Play Store that were stealing user’s Facebook credentials. The security researcher pointed out the way malware works. First, it wait for the user to launch an app on their device, that’s made by Facebook. Then it redirect to fake Facebook login page.Users would then put in their Facebook login credentials and the malware would copy them and send them to its designated server.

ShreeRaj School ERP
School Management System by Admin

School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school, college, Coaching institutes and individual tutors day to day business.We have bring all of those processes into a single platform. It keep students, teachers, and parents on the same page with customized dashboards, Online Live Classes ( Video Call to +200 students at same time for live classes ) and email/SMS notifications on web and mobile.Our product is very cost effective and very easy to use.

ShreeRaj Technologies Job Board
How to Build Job Board Website? by Admin

The job board website is a platform full of opportunities. It help to get employment in many sectors: web development services, Digital Marketing services, Sales Marketing and many more. Each year millions of fresher’s search for jobs and employed people for new openings via Job boarding website. For same they look after reliable as well as handy job board website.